/drops are for pops; we aim to keep you lifted/


If you are a techno person and you listen deeply into this music you will hear the beginnings of one side of my inspiration to make electronic dance music. This is the music I grew up listening to. When I hear some of the reactions from some of my American brothers.. musically they actually thought I was living around the corner from them - which I was, musically. It’s funny, we could have almost communicated the same then as you can online now through music. Brothers if you are reading this - don’t forget it - we still have an open line of communication. Some people think it’s all about the $.
Still deep in the Jungle
rastafarian folk song - cymande
clap ya hands - the meters
easin in - edwin star
intimate frends - eddie kendriks
cant turn me away - sylvia striplin
turned on to you - 80s ladies
you caught me smilin - sly and the family stone
dont stop the music - yarbrough and peoples
genius of love - tom tom club
rapture - debbie harry
hydraulic pump - p-funk
dog talk - k9 corps
nobody can be u - steve arrington
encore - cheryl lynn
just a touch of love - slave
rock creek park- the black byrds
last night a dj saved my life - indeep
set it off - harlequin 4
super rap inst - grandmaster flash
etc etc ;)


Micachu, composer of Jonathan Glazer’s much anticipated ‘Under The Skin’, knocking out a wonky post-house set for the Boiler Room. 


Matthew Herbert - ‘November (micachu’s pig remix)’

Pete Wareham & Micachu AKA Amen - ‘Ape’

Micachu - ‘Beat 68’

Micachu feat. Brother May - ‘More Red’

Micachu - ‘Blip String’

Micachu - ‘Slide Git’

Micachu feat. Tirzah - ‘I’m Not Dancing’

Micachu - ‘Oscillator Snaz’

Roots Manuva - ‘Dub Style (M.A.T.H.E.S remix)’

Micachu feat. Brother May - ‘Bars Off The Top’

Micachu feat. Tirzah - ‘Go’

Micachu - ‘Fucking Sunny’

Daniel Miller
CLR Podcast - Daniel Miller

CLR Podcast #245 - Daniel Miller

love this. so beautiful.

Chicago Skull - Minuendo 22#200

1. Four Tet – Buchla – Text
2. BrukRode – Apathy – DecaRhythm
3. Mike Dehnert – Pneumatic – Ann Aimee
4. Gatekeeper & Orphan 101 – No way out (BrukRode Rmx) – Decarhythm
5. Marcel Dettmann – Iso – Ostgut Ton
6. Kamikaze Space Program – The Bailiff
7. Trevino – Spin Away – 3024
8. Marcelus – 24 7 – Ann Aimee
9. Roman Lindau – Plavix – Frachwerk Digital
10. Rodhad – Spomeniks – Token
11. BrukRode – Wonders – Decarhythm
12. Uknown – Untitled – Unknown
13. Dark Sky – Shutter Speed – 50 Weapons

i miss old bassnectar.


We all know that Bassnectar is talented, but I do declare this being his best mix ever made…besides LIB12 when he rocked the damn thaaang at like 2am, but nothing is better then live music…He throws in some really good tracks in this one, I suggest, turn everything off, zone into this track, and float downstream! :)